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Welcome to Analogue!

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in checking out more about us. The best description I’ve heard for Analogue is that it’s the site for which many of us, as music journalists, dreamed of writing. No buzz or hype. No noise or pressure. Just us and the music we love.

We love to recommend music, from the latest upcoming releases to 20-year-old overlooked albums. We also love to interview artists, but hardly ever about what their management wants him or her to promote. We make lists—lots of ’em—about anything and everything. And we often dig deep, with essays that look closer at the music we love and why it matters so much to us. The welcome essay from co-founder Scott Elingburg tells our story in greater detail here.

Our writers have been published in McSweeney’s, Vox, The Atlantic, New Yorker, Harper’s, Pitchfork and many more. Analogue, for all of us, is an oasis providing the excuse to geek out for a second about something we’ve wanted to explain for a long time. 

We take music way too seriously. We hope you do, too!