Analogue Music | Joseph: Live @ The Vogue

Joseph: Live @ The Vogue

By Matt Conner

Outside, it was a quiet wintry Sunday evening in Indianapolis. Inside the Vogue, the intensity was overwhelming.

When the Closner sisters first took the stage after a killer set by fellow Pacific Northwesterners Deep Sea Diver, the seemingly capacity crowd made it clear they were more than ready for a memorable night with Joseph. They would not be disappointed.

It's impossible to tell which side was more energetic, but it was clear something cyclical was happening during Joseph's twenty or so songs. The crowd was relentless in their applause and enthusiastic in their responses to nearly anything the girls threw at them. At the same time, the band's members—Natalie Closner Schepman, Allison Closner, Meegan Closner—were clearly ready to leave it all on the stage with studio-ready arrangements, killer vocal work, and exquisite showmanship.

What was the most surprising aspect of seeing Joseph on this night was the high percentage of concert-goers who seemed to know every word of the band's most recent release, Good Luck, Kid. It's one thing for everyone to sing along to bigger hits like "White Flag" and "S.O.S. (Overboard)", which appeared to great delight, of course. It's another to have them mouth every word to deep cuts from a fairly new release, like "Side Effects," "Without You," and "Shivers"

The entire audience raised their fists and sang along during the band's encore, a one-two punch of compelling new singles "Fighter" and "Good Luck, Kid." The emotion in the room was palpable during the girls' explanation and performance of "Room for You." The room danced along to a sensational cover of Mariah Carey's "Fantasy," complete with an appearance from DSD's Jessica Dobson on electric guitar and vocal.

Perhaps this is why the members of Joseph kept laughing in response to their fans' random bursts of support. It's impossible to know what they expected to find on a quiet Midwestern Sunday, but they were met with a fervent crowd determined to prove their devotion. In response, Joseph delivered a performance worthy of a much larger venue, showcasing a charisma that belies their years and the sort of vocal talent that leaves you shaking your head.