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Sep 16 '19

Jeremy Ivey

Margo Price convinced her husband to step out on his own, and the songs came flowing shortly thereafter.

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Sep 13 '19


The arresting layers of Humbird's new album made us want to hear the story behind the songs.

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Sep 02 '19

Neighbor Lady

Emily Braden and Jack Blauvelt take us inside the (lack of) pressures to follow up their refreshing and inventive debut album.

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Aug 26 '19


Grant Widmer and Ted Joyner on what they learned from Richard Swift and the creative freedom of their new album.

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Aug 19 '19

De La Noche

Ivan Howard (Gayngs, The Rosebuds) was happy to be tricked into joining his latest band.

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Aug 12 '19

Jenny Tolman

One of country music's bright young stars takes us behind the imaginative characters in her musical neighborhood.

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Aug 05 '19

Rising Appalachia

Leah Smith has learned to obey the muse at all costs, even if it means staying patient in the face of industry demands.

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Jul 31 '19

The Harmaleighs

The Harmaleighs aren't exactly sure where to go from here, but their latest should shine a bright enough light to move ahead.

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Jul 08 '19

Griffin House

The singer-songwriter walks in the tension of expectation and gratitude in his musical career.

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Jun 24 '19


Ellen Kempner shares the lessons she's learned on her journey to be true to herself.

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Jun 16 '19

Aisha Badru

The singer-songwriter has found personal healing and is offering musical medicine to anyone who will listen.

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Jun 03 '19


Jon Langford opens up about longevity, insecurity and the ties that bind The Mekons together.

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May 27 '19


A double album in the digital era is a bold yet authentic move from one of pop music's brightest bands.

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May 20 '19

These New Puritans

Jack Barnett believes art can be transformational and he hopes These New Puritans can embody that very notion.

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May 13 '19

The Yawpers

The raucous roots music of The Yawpers follows more rules than you might expect.

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May 06 '19

Allen Tate

Sam Fermin's vocalist connects in meaningful ways on his latest solo record, 'In The Waves'

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Apr 29 '19

Unwed Sailor

The instrumental rock band forges some dark musical narratives for its most bombastic work to date.

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Apr 16 '19

Savoir Adore

Savoir Adore is back with a heartening (and hypnotic) treatise on the power of change

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Apr 09 '19

C Duncan

The critical fave expands his sonic palette on a stunning new album.

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Mar 29 '19


The singer-songwriter finds some space for her and her magnificent voice to breathe.

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Jan 08 '19

Frances Cone

The Nashville duo has taken their time to get the songs on Late Riser just right.

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Dec 14 '18

Ian King, Author

In his book, Appetite for Definition, Ian King tackles a subject that inspires division and discord among listeners: rock genres.

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Dec 06 '18

J.K. Crowe

JK Crowe's understated new EP, Buried, is a welcome surprise for the listener.

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Dec 03 '18


Zoe Randell opens up about her creative process and the marriage of discipline and mystery.

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Nov 29 '18

Ruby Boots

Bex Chilcott discusses bravery, fear and the decision to move to America.

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Nov 19 '18

Parker Gispert

The Whigs front man delivers a stunning new solo album after wrestling with his own musical future.

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Nov 12 '18

The Joy Formidable

Ritzy Bryan dishes on the band's "personal" new album and how they've avoided going over the edge of burnout.

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Nov 05 '18

William Fitzsimmons

Fitzsimmons has beautifully crafted a set of three-dimensional songs that truly honors the complexity of his broken experiences.

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Nov 01 '18

Good Old War

The Philly folk-pop trio opens up about earnest music, their new EPs and losing track of tiem.

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Oct 25 '18

Gregory Alan Isakov

Isakov talks about getting nervous before shows, taking time to garden and his sustainable approach to songwriting.

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Oct 22 '18

Keller Williams

The veteran one-man band is on a mission to make us laugh in the midst of these divisive times.

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Oct 18 '18

Liz Vice

The spiritual songstress wrestles with her calling and place in the music business.

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Sep 27 '18

Nick Flora

The singer-songwriter has a beautiful way of mining for meaning in places often overlooked

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Sep 24 '18

Steven Page

The former Barenaked Ladies front man discusses longevity in the business, the power of art and what it means to write with doubt.

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Sep 20 '18


Exploring the painful tension that led to Howard's beautiful new album, 'Together Alone'

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Sep 13 '18


Canadian dream pop band Dizzy waited three long years to release their debut LP, Baby Teeth. But it is worth the wait.

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Sep 10 '18

Greg Laswell

Laswell's vulnerability in dealing so openly with dashed expectations and personal tragedy on 'Next Time' is a musical gift.

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Sep 07 '18

Ages and Ages

Tim Perry's definition of success is nothing more than true connection with the audience.

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Sep 03 '18

Milo Greene

The band's music has felt magical from the beginning, but their third album shows what they can truly do.

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Aug 30 '18


Behind the soulful storytelling of one of the most compelling young bands in America.

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Aug 27 '18

Olivia Chaney

Olivia Chaney has a firm grip on what compels most of our favorite artists: a deeply held belief that beauty will rise.

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Aug 23 '18

Joey Dosik

How a "saxophone existential crisis" gave way to Secretly Canadian's next great signing

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Aug 20 '18


Ten years after he first sent Sub Pop a demo, Yuno found himself approached by his favorite label.

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Aug 16 '18


Nashville's most under-appreciated band shows a more expansive palette on their new EP.

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Aug 06 '18


The Wintersleep front man talks about his solo project, a new band album and the tragic loss of Frightened Rabbit's Scott Hutchison.

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Jul 30 '18

Will Dailey

The acclaimed songwriter on the algorithms that separate us and how he's reaching for real connection.

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Jul 23 '18


Jess Abbott put more into her latest LP, Nightstand, than she has ever put into an album before.

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Jul 17 '18


Former Barcelona front man Brian Fennell discusses life as a family man and musician.

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Jul 12 '18

Katie Herzig

The pop songstress opens up about the hard work it takes to cross a musical finish line.

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Jun 25 '18

Horse Feathers

Horse Feathers made one of their best records while navigating the rocky terrain of modern music.

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Jun 22 '18

Joel Levi

It's taken some time but the singer-songwriter's hard work is finally paying off.

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Jun 18 '18


On the difficulties of following your internal impulses no matter the cost

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Jun 14 '18

Katie Toupin

Toupin says returning to square one musically was the refreshing turn she needed to move forward.

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Jun 12 '18

Steve Gunn

Steve Gunn keeps moving through the world, cognizant of where he is, not where he could be.

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Jun 04 '18


Meric Long of The Dodos steps out into the solo unknown as FAN

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May 21 '18

Speedy Ortiz

Sadie Dupuis on the importance of musical connection, reading, teaching, and making yourself happy.

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Apr 23 '18

Hush Kids

Jill Andrews and Peter Groenwald team up for Nashville's new dream team

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Apr 16 '18


Tristen dives deep about her calling to make music in a rollercoaster industry

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Apr 12 '18

Matt Pond

Matt Pond leaves the past behind and embarks on a brand a new project where everyone can contribute.

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Mar 16 '18

Hot Snakes

John Reis, The Swami, talks about Hot Snakes' latest record, The Ramones, and how to try to get kids to like punk rock

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Mar 12 '18

Chris Schlarb

Musician, studio guru, producer, and bandleader launches a new label, Big Ego Records, and follows the Muse

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Feb 28 '18

Julian Lage

The acclaimed guitarist returns with another stellar release with his electric trio.

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Feb 18 '18

Will Johnson

Will Johnson's latest collaborative project, Marie/Lepanto, is an album rooted in dark places and the slowness of time.

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Feb 12 '18


Behind the revelatory rock and roll of Sub Pop's finest trio.

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Feb 08 '18


On being a failed novelist, a successful musician and the journey from one to the other.

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Jan 08 '18

The Mynabirds

Laura Burhenn's latest record reads reactionary on the surface. Don't let that mislead you.

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