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Sep 24 '23

D.A. Stern

David Stern talks about his "varied" new album and the patience required to make it.

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Sep 03 '23


Lauren Denitzio returns with a rewarding album that's the culmination of her journey to date.

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Jul 26 '23

Photo Ops

Terry Price reflects on his pursuit of a balance between impressionism and truth.

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Jul 03 '23


The sibling trio take us behind the making of their latest album, Tired Hearts.

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Apr 17 '23

Valley Queen

Natalie Carol on the internal and external shifts required to find Valley Queen's current footing.

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Apr 03 '23


Hayden is back with Are We Good, his first new LP in several years.

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Mar 27 '23

Darren Jessee

Darren Jessee keeps leaning into the work hoping to build a Central Bridge to the listener.

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Mar 20 '23

Kate Davis

Kate Davis is finding health and her voice as she releases her ANTI- debut.

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Feb 08 '23

Colony House

Caleb Chapman says the band's new album is a portal for a new chapter going forward.

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Jan 09 '23

The Trews

John-Angus MacDonald details touring life on the other side of the pandemic.

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Jan 02 '23


Marc Byrd talks about the push-pull in the studio for their latest, 'Love in the Void.'

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Dec 12 '22

Junior Boys

Jeremy Greenspan takes us inside the Waiting Game for the first Junior Boys album in six years.

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Dec 05 '22

Loud Hound

Tommy Florio on his songwriting background and the emergence of Loud Hound.

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Nov 13 '22


Jess Abbott discusses a much-needed reprieve and making music on the other side.

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Nov 06 '22


Sarah Shook leaves the Disarmers for a moment to make music on her own terms.

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Sep 26 '22

Tim Burgess

The Charlatans front man talks about chasing and completing the double album.

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Sep 12 '22

Brooke Annibale

Brooke Annibale emerges from the pandemic with an emotionally-charged new album and plenty of gratitude for it all.

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Aug 29 '22

Anna Tivel

Anna Tivel talks about the joys of gathering stories and the release of her beautiful new LP, Outsiders.

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Aug 22 '22

Marcus King

Marcus King rarely "comes up for air" but he reflects with us a bit in this latest interview

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Aug 14 '22


The spacious pop palette of Brijean is a captivating response to a world of grief.

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Jul 25 '22


Kathryn Calder and Mark Andrew Hamilton talk about the joy of recording together as Frontperson.

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May 23 '22


Mary Beth Richardson on the changes behind and excitement ahead for Banditos

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May 16 '22


Ben Stidworthy tells of Ought's breakup and the ease of making music under new circumstances.

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Apr 25 '22

Victor Mucho

Judah & The Lion's Brian Macdonald emerges with a beautiful new project borne from Swedish isolation.

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Mar 21 '22

Suz Slezak

Taking a step away from David Wax Museum is an exercise in personal exploration.

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Mar 14 '22

Brad Barr

The Barr Brothers front man talks about the challenge of having complete freedom.

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Mar 07 '22

Andy Zipf

Singer songwriter Andy Zipf talks about going all-in on his tenth album.

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Feb 21 '22

Wild Rivers

Andrew Oliver breaks down the band's work with Peter Katis and new album, 'Sidelines.'

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Jan 24 '22


Jacob Hemphill takes us behind the personal and sonic shifts for SOJA amid the pandemic.

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Dec 20 '21


The women in Trousdale come out of a pandemic with greater confidence and chemistry.

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Dec 13 '21

Curtis Harding

Curtis Harding has arranged a vibrant, hopeful bouquet for listeners in these troubled times.

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Dec 06 '21

Beach Fossils

Dustin Payseur finally gets to put out the jazzy music he's been waiting 15 years to make.

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Nov 22 '21

Dave Monks

The Tokyo Police Club front man loves the creative journey of making a new solo album.

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Nov 07 '21

Le Ren

Lauren Sharp opens up about her fragile demeanor and the journey to become Le Ren.

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Oct 24 '21


Riley McCluskey and Aaron Kirkbride describe their (semi-)obedience to familiar pop structures.

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Oct 11 '21


Behind the band's journey to focus on what they can control—the music—and how it came together beautifully on a new album.

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Sep 19 '21


Brad Corrigan and Chad Urmston discuss their new album, Break Our Fall.

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Aug 22 '21

Charles Spearin

After years with Broken Social Scene and Do Make Say Think, Charles Spearin emerges from a pandemic with a new solo album.

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Aug 02 '21


Shunguzdo opens up about her craft, her relationship with fear, and trusting her instincts.

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Jul 12 '21

Laura Stevenson

The distance between who Laura Stevenson is and who she wants to be is closing fast these days.

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Jul 05 '21

Cloud Nothings

Dylan Baldi talks about working with Steve Albini again and the other side of a pandemic.

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Jun 14 '21

Michigan Rattlers

The quartet discusses a beautiful new album and what they learned about themselves in a global pandemic.

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May 31 '21


The electropop trio talks about shelving an entire album in order to dig deep for something personal.

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