Analogue Music | The Resistance: Liz Vice

The Resistance: Liz Vice

By Analogue

On the one hand, Liz Vice has a remarkably healthy relationship with The Resistance.

As a teenager, Liz lived with a severe autoimmune disease that left her on hemodialysis for three years. Facing death squarely in the face has allowed her, now on the other side, to confidently live out her “bonus years” knowing she has moved beyond considerable fears already in her life.

On the other hand, despite grappling with life or death in a very literal sense, Liz says she still wrestles with myriad fears just like anyone else. As an acclaimed vocalist, for example, she’s afraid of both failure and success in the marketplace, a sign that none of us are ever immune to the hurdles surrounding art and creativity.

Fortunately, Liz has found enough strength in those early life lessons to pursue her dreams, a path that has made her an NPR darling with standout albums like There’s a Light and Save Me. We recently sat down with Liz for our latest episode of the Resistance to hear more about her story, her screenwriting dreams, and why flying is as great a fear as falling.

Listen to the latest episode of our podcast, The Resistance, with Liz Vice.