Analogue Music | The Resistance: Tim Baker

The Resistance: Tim Baker

Tim Baker has a history of connecting like this.

From his 12 years as the front man for the indie rock band Hey Rosetta! to his last several as a solo artist, Tim has remained an under-the-radar songwriter with a penchant for crafting meaningful music. To date his music has earned him plenty of critical acclaim, the chance to tour and play festivals all over North America and Europe, and has even garnered a couple of Juno Award nominations.

While catching up on a new EP from Tim, I decided to pause long enough to read the accompanying liner notes and track commentary. One song, in particular, documented his move back home to Newfoundland after living out the pandemic in the isolation of his Toronto apartment. His reflections emphasized the importance of moving forward, even when the feelings aren’t there, and that each step is a pushback against the resistance.

Something happened to me in that moment, something important that provided the push I needed. It was a moment we’ve all experienced, when an artist offers up for us the gift of language for our unlabeled emotions or perspective for our unsorted experiences. Tim’s willingness to be vulnerable about his own journey informed the next step in my own.

For this episode of the Resistance, I was hoping to sit down with Tim to discuss this ability to connect and hear more about his creative rhythms. He was kind enough to accept and the result was an important discussion about creative friction and why it means everything to the process of making anything.

Listen to the latest episode of our podcast, The Resistance, with Tim Baker.