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Eliza & The Delusionals

By Matt Conner

Eliza Klatt strikes me as a torchbearer.

Together with her band Eliza & The Delusionals, the Australian front woman is beginning to ascend Stateside charts on the strength of their killer alt-rock single "Just Exist" but the band has more where that came from.

In 2020, Eliza and company will only cement their standing on American shores with a well-deserved opening slot for Silversun Pickups that runs out West for some time before wrapping up with some Texan dates and a show in the Big Easy. While it won't completely bring them to rock fans coast to coast, the buzz should carry word enough to bring them plenty more attention than they're currently receiving.

"We've been touring around at home for maybe three years or so now, doing lots of support tours for popular bands back at home, which has been cool," says Klatt. "Lots and lots of touring and releasing lots of music. I feel like everything we've done has been a little step up for us in terms of milestones, but the songs picking up on radio in America is definitely the biggest thing that's happened for us."

That milestone is about to be eclipsed as Eliza & The Delusionals join the Pickups for the month of February. Klatt says she was shocked when she first received the news. It's not as if the band was fishing for such a spot or opportunity—at least to their knowledge. From there, they'll play Sirius XM's AltNation Advanced Placement Tour along with Bottleneck Festival in May (with more dates to come).

"We just got a phone call from our management. They said, 'Hey, do you guys know Silversun Pickups?' I was like, 'Of course!' she says' "They said, 'Well, they'd like to have you on their American tour.' I had no words pretty much because we were so excited.

"I've been listening to that band since I was 14," she continues with a laugh. "It's just insane. It's also been a dream of ours to come and tour the U.S. as well. The fact that we get to play venues like the Wiltern in L.A. on our first tour, you can't really ask for much more."

For those bemoaning the state of rock and roll or wishing for a teleportation device back to the mid-'90s, Eliza & the Delusionals is ready to take the torch and run with it for quite some time.

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