Analogue Music | Aubrey Haddard - "Future Boxes"
Aubrey Haddard - "Future Boxes"

Aubrey Haddard - "Future Boxes"

Artist: Aubrey Haddard · Written by Analogue

Date Released

22 July, 2022


Beverly Martel Music

Just a few months ago, we profiled the mesmerizing beauty of Aubrey Haddard's music—a young songwriter on the rise whose echoes of Lucy Rose place her in fine company for the road ahead. Awake & Talking was on the horizon then, an album months away, but with the release of her new single, "Future Boxes," it signals the arrival of her sophomore LP in only a few weeks' time.

If you've never heard Haddard's work before, "Future Boxes" is a great place to start. Her ruminations on expectations ("My four sides are more like suggestions / Maybe I've got too many questions") are worthy of attention even outside of the compelling melody that drives it forward.

"We all have, at some point, an idea of what our lives could look like. We take the steps we can to get there, checking some boxes, with or without that bigger picture in mind," says Haddard about "Future Boxes." "At the end of the day, none of us are uniquely ambitious but some will find more fulfillment in carving out their own paths."

Check out the great new video for "Future Boxes" and stay tuned for her full length coming on August 19.

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