Analogue Music | Corvair - "Wrong Again"
Corvair - "Wrong Again"

Corvair - "Wrong Again"

Artist: Corvair · Written by Analogue

Date Released

4 August, 2023

Corvair is excited to share the video for “Wrong Again,” from their sophomore album Bound To Be. The song begins with a fragile vocal and a spare piano, then develops into a lush ballad with evocative guitar work and vintage orchestration.

Singer Heather Larimer says of the song, “It was one of the last songs we wrote for the record, and I wasn’t sure it was viable, because it felt too vulnerable. But Brian picked it up and made it real.”

Guitarist and vocalist Brian Naubert says, “It was an interesting challenge to not smother what makes the song so beautiful—I usually like to layer on a lot of parts, and I had to fight that urge. And then having Mike, who is such a powerful drummer, be more Ringoesque, was also a fun experiment.”

The video for “Wrong Again” was shot in and around the sand dunes in coastal Oregon. It was directed, filmed and edited by Naubert. He says of the process, “The dunes are very eerie. It seems arbitrary where life takes hold or doesn’t, you see these random patches of sea grasses that won out. Also, it still surprises me what Heather is willing to do for a shot. This time, she hurled herself down a hill in front of a crowd of Fourth of July tourists. She knows how to commit.”

You can pre-order Corvair's Bound to Be here.


Photo: Megan Brown