Analogue Music | Delacey - Man on the Moon
Delacey - Man on the Moon

Delacey - Man on the Moon

Artist: Delacey · Written by Analogue

Date Released

22 February, 2023


Photo Finish

Delacey's songwriting prowess was never in question. She's co-written globally known songs (e.g. Halsey's "Without Me") for globally known artists (Justin Bieber, The Chainsmokers), but ubiquitous pop songs don't have to lose their substance, and that's the true achievement of her brand new single, "Man on the Moon."

These days, Delacey is focused on her own solo career after signing a new deal with Photo Finish Records. "Man on the Moon" is the firstfruits here, a haunting composition anchored by Delacey's vocal power and a lovelorn analogy that works beautifully with the mood: "They can put a man on the moon / I can't figure out a man like you."

The beauty of "Man on the Moon" is that even with the obvious hundred commercial plays a song like this can generate, it's also capable of generating a considerable gravity of its own (pardon the pun). In this way, they resonate with a force aided along by Delacey's ear-friendly expertise. A near-perfect pop song.

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