Analogue Music | Donovan Woods - "116 West Main, Durham NC"
Donovan Woods - "116 West Main, Durham NC"

Donovan Woods - "116 West Main, Durham NC"

Artist: Donovan Woods · Written by Matt Conner

Date Released

7 June, 2024


End Times

There's something so shockingly and beautifully resonant about the latest single from singer-songwriter Donovan Woods.

"116 West Main, Durham HC" is another early glimpse at Woods' upcoming record, Things Were Never Good If They're Not Good Now (End Times Records), out July 12. It's a simple, straightforward track features the same sparse rootsy instrumentation employed by countless other musicians, but Woods somehow uses those same tools to paint a picture that draws you in beyond the noise for a very real and meaningful connection.

If anything, "116 West Main, Durham NC" opens the door just an inch into an honest moment, a man taking stock of things on the other side. It's musings of gratitude and longings of hope. It feels entirely personal to Woods and yet somehow it feels congruent with the listener—at least this one.

Woods himself explains the song's origins here:

"I wrote this in a green room at The Carolina Theatre in Durham. I had a great day walking around (really nice town), and I was feeling hopeful. This is what passes as hopeful for me,” notes Donovan. “I’m trying to forgive myself more, and that’s what I’m doing here. I wanted it to feel like one of those days when you’re getting a lot of errands done. Maybe you’re walking, and your legs feel good. You feel like you could walk forever. It’s sunny, not too hot, and you think it’s good that time rolls on. Maybe it is actually good. Saxophones are the sound of moving on. Maybe you didn’t know that."

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