Analogue Music | Fruit Bats - "We Used to Live Here"
Fruit Bats - "We Used to Live Here"

Fruit Bats - "We Used to Live Here"

Artist: Fruit Bats

Date Released

21 March, 2023


Merge Records

Fruit Bats, the musical nom de plume of Eric D. Johnson, should require little in the way of introduction at this point given the scope and substance of his incredible body of work since the turn of the millennium. Whether labeled indie folk or indie rock, the truth is that Johnson's compositions have always felt like long-inhabited ideas anchored in personal anecdotes and observations and warm melodic choices.

The first few singles from Fruit Bats' forthcoming album, A River Running To Your Heart, feel right in line with previous albums as the songs feel both intimate and interesting. "We Used To Live Here" is the latest single and is a stripped-down example of how each song from Fruit Bats is sturdy at its core.

While the sonic flourishes always feel spot-on without getting in the way of a Fruit Bats release, "We Used to Live Here" eschews any/all of that to serve up a simple acoustic number that allows the fleeting notices of the places Johnson has been to take center stage. It's a sonic tribute to the spaces we try our best to fill with meaning and the odd emotions that accompany our eventual departures. It's also a beautiful release.

You can pre-order Fruit Bats' forthcoming album here.