Analogue Music | Georgia Reed - "Haunted"
Georgia Reed - "Haunted"

Georgia Reed - "Haunted"

Artist: Georgia Reed · Written by Analogue

Date Released

10 November, 2023

​Consider this a bookmark more than anything.

It's been a handful of years since Georgia Reed released any new music—with only a smattering of singles before that—but her newest release, "Haunted," is such an arresting new offering that she's on the other side of something special.

Reed is an Australian-born pop artist now living in the U.K., and while some early singles showed enough promise to keep her in the game, she was nowhere to be found since releasing a previous single "Colours" back in 2019. Following her move, Reed is back with a series of planned singles before dropping a debut EP in March, and if "Haunted" is anything like the set of songs to come, we're here for the journey.

There are shades of Hannah Georgas, Savannah Conley, and even Rachael Yamagata to be found in the atmosphere created by the compelling track. "All the dark and the light that we shared / Won’t you help me, someone come and save me," sings Reed atop a simple sonic mix that conjures a slight '80s feel without sounding dated. It's short and not so sweet, but by the time it's over, you're left wanting to hear more.

As much as we love "Haunted," we're here for what's to come and we're glad to know Georgia Reed has a plan in motion to release plenty more music.

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