Analogue Music | Grizfolk - "Medicine Man"
Grizfolk - "Medicine Man"

Grizfolk - "Medicine Man"

Artist: Grizfolk · Written by Analogue

Date Released

3 November, 2023



We've been fans of Grizfolk's marriage of organic and inorganic instrumentation, if you will, since their 2015 debut, Waking Up The Giants. By taking singer-songwriter sensibilities and layering synth-based layers or electropop flourishes, the band always felt grounded in substance while flaunting their style.

Seven years later, that's still largely the formula, anchored by the group's always keen pop sensibilities. On "Medicine Man", the band describes the slow descent we've all likely felt at times wondering where and when something outside of ourselves might have something to say or do to reach us at a point of need.

Front man Adam Roth had this to say about the track, “One line stuck out, ‘I’m a prisoner here, in paradise….A lot of us feel that way sometimes. You’re happy on the outside, but you’re struggling inside. You’re searching for anything to change this uncomfortable feeling.

Around this unfortunate spiral, the band has managed to construct a propulsive pop track that's bound to keep them on the charts as they lead up to the release of an as-yet-untitled forthcoming EP.

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