Analogue Music | HAHA - "Only Gets Better"
HAHA - "Only Gets Better"

HAHA - "Only Gets Better"

Artist: HAHA · Written by Analogue

Date Released

14 June, 2023


Flower Moon Records

We'd follow Maria Taylor pretty much anywhere, musically speaking, so imagine the thrill when we found out there's a new collaboration with Mike Bloom under the moniker HAHA with a new single and more music to come. We've been fans of Taylor's for quite some time, whether solo or with Azure Ray, but we were in love with HAHA (or at least this single) from the first notes.

About the new collaboration, Bloom wrote, “We came together on what became this cohesive vision almost by accident, after years of being friends. A seemingly endless feedback loop of inspiration followed, and we were jumping over ourselves to get ideas down. These songs seemed to take on their own respective shapes and identities, likely in ways we never would have discovered on our own or with anyone else. This song started the fire and so it only seemed right to give it air before the others.”

If you're a fan of Stars (and we are), you'll love its electro pop feel, and like much of the aforementioned Canadian band's catalog, "Only Gets Better" feels like a present light shining in the face of a communal darkness or confusion we've all left. There's no telling how things might turn out, but the optimism chosen here is a brave face worth putting on, and at the very least, this moment is worth seizing—one set to compelling music.

As a first offering from Bloom and Taylor, we're all in on what's to come.