Analogue Music | Katie Boeck - Calico
Katie Boeck - Calico

Katie Boeck - Calico

Artist: Katie Boeck · Written by Analogue

Date Released

28 April, 2023




36 minutes

Following a series of serious life changes, singer-songwriter Katie Boeck, like so many artists, returned to the music to make sense of what was going on. What makes her latest album, Calico, stand out from so much other music, however, is how her sweet, simplistic approach enlivens songs that aren't afraid to explore confusing spaces and deeper themes.

Boeck's vocal work has been featured on shows like The Newsroom and has taken her to Broadway where she was part of a Tony-winning ensemble in Spring Awakening. These days, she's been plying her craft in a more straightforward way, with organic instrumentation surrounding her effortless and exquisite vocals. Working with producer Dustin Random (who has worked in some way with so many of Nashville's best singer-songwriters), the pair allowed the songs to sit comfortably inside minimal arrangements (for the most part)—a smart decision that allows the whole affair to feel light despite the subject matter.

That's not to say that Calico lacks gravity. Rather, it's just amazing how a beautiful song like "Subside" can float on through even as Boeck asks, "So tell me how to reconcile the things I thought I knew." Calico is full of such moments where the questions asked or the brokenness described never feel burdensome, as if the music itself was part of lifting the load for Boeck and somehow the recording passes on such a gift.

"Endgame" features more layers than most and is the album's most interesting track with its beachside percussion, guitar flourishes, and layered harmonies. The song creates a mesmerizing sort of atmosphere in its five-minute span and is a welcome addition to the mix. That said, there are shades of Sade and Jill Andrews at work here in equal measure, a beautiful voice given plenty of room while the melodies carry Boeck's musings along to acoustic grooves of varied pace.