Analogue Music | "What Brings You" Kris Gruen Mother West 3:34
"What Brings You"

"What Brings You"

Artist: Kris Gruen · Written by Maria Edwards

Date Released

9 March, 2018


Mother West



It takes a lot for an artist to step into the Americana genre and expect to stand out from the rest of the massive pool of contenders.

Kris Gruen is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of an industry that regularly writes off all folk singers as sounding the same. From the years of EPs and all the experiences that traveling, writing, succeeding, and failing bring, Kris has written a superb single, “What Brings You.” The tribute to the curiosity of strangers and traveling is the first track to be heard from the upcoming album, Coast & Refuge

For his fourth full length release, Gruen seeks to create a space that embodies the search for emotional relief from a typically stress-filled world. His light vocals and easy going-attitude have ensured his place amongst musicians who prefer to advise listeners with positivity rather than wallow with the masses. He is able to put passion in each syllable, never missing the chance to pour a bit of himself into each sound and word. For a guy that hails from New York City, he appears refreshingly untouched by its materialism and egocentric nature. 

“What Brings You” shows the development of Kris as an artist since his first album, Lullaby School. His lyricism is far more pronounced, opening the track with the driving command of “let’s manifest this mantra” and continuing the narrative by depicting changing scenes and quick, but meaningful, relationships. The track is a fitting introduction for the rest of the album as the album is built on the talents of multiple artists, writers, and producers.

The entire tone of the track is optimistic and jubilant, ensuring the listener is as much a part of the journey as Gruen. The instrumentals lift and ramble on throughout “What Brings You,” creating a melody that is just as serene as it is genuine. This is song for adventure, be it shared with friends or kept to oneself in a flash of spontaneity.

With the help of LA-based producer, Brad Gordon, a crisp sound, and an eager emotion driving “What Brings You,” Gruen is sure to continue to make people stop and listen to what he’s got to say.