Analogue Music | Kristoffer Bolander, "To Come Back"
"To Come Back"

"To Come Back"

Artist: Kristoffer Bolander · Written by Matt Conner

Date Released

20 March, 2018


Tapete Records



Today we're thrilled to offer an exclusive premiere of the latest single from Kristoffer Bolander entitled "To Come Back."

Bolander found an instant footing as a solo artist with the emotional soundscapes created on I Forgive Nothing, his first release after years fronting the Swedish alt-folk band Holmes. It was haunting and hypnotic, propulsive yet pensive. It was also beautiful.

Fast forward two-and-a-half years and Bolander is back with What Never Was Will Always Be (out March 30), a new longplayer that expands in the directions already established. Bolander spreads his sonic wings on tracks like the compelling "Cities," the slow build of "Stråt" and the stark atmosphere of "Florian's Dream." 

"To Come Back" is a pleasant appetizer for the full-length, a delicate pop number whose beauty is in the musical details and Bolander's tenor delivery. "I won't fall apart again," he sings against such a light-hearted backdrop, a hint that Bolander can encapsulate beauty or sorrow inside even contradictory melodies.

Take a listen below and pre-order the album from Tapete Records here.