Analogue Music | Leisure - Side A
Leisure - Side A

Leisure - Side A

Artist: Leisure · Written by Matt Conner

Date Released

30 October, 2020



It might not sound like a lofty goal, but Leisure lives up to its name.

Leisure is a five-piece from New Zealand whose new EP, Side A, sounds so delightfully effortless that it's almost enough to convince you that summer's fleeting moments aren't quite over. With five years of experience, Leisure showcases the experience of having honed their polished pop product, a silky smooth amalgam of laid-back R&B and bedroom pop with hints of '70s funk.

"Slipping Away" is Side A's opening track, a buttery number that draws the listener right into the mix that tips its hat to the Gibbs. The groove kicks in when "Lonely Nights" takes the floor and the smart guitar work alongside the dance floor beats is a perfect combination, showing the level of taste at work in the formative stages for these songs.

"Eye to Eye" propels the five-song set forward a few decades with a more modern take that remains in pace with its company even as it differentiates itself with the flavors involved. Both "Spark It Up" and "Beautiful" are slightly sparser tracks that showcase a rare restraint from similar-sounding bands. On the former, the light percussion, lounge guitar, and vocal effects are all respectful of the other and the sum is greater than any of its individual parts.

If Leisure's aims are true to its name, then they've certainly accomplished just that with Side A. It's an entertaining mix that sets an immediate vibe and leaves the listener wanting more.

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