Analogue Music | Miirrors - Motion and Picture
Miirrors - Motion and Picture

Miirrors - Motion and Picture

Artist: Miirrors

Date Released

7 April, 2023


Pravda Records

​The story behind Miirrors is one that allegedly goes back a couple of decades.

Miirrors is a now five-piece that began as a duo, a sonic foundation comprised of vocalist Brian McSweeney, who has been active as a musician in Chicago for the last several years, and Shawn Rios, per their bio. The pair collaborated on songs and developed their sound for a solid 20-plus years before the rounding out of their quintet brought them around to the compelling rock and roll exhibited on Motion & Picture, the band's debut out now on Chicago indie label Pravda Records.

For those who need some comps, imagine Radiohead at their most accessible with not-so-subtle hints of former Canadian rock band Pilot Speed and Wintersleep. Theirs is a thoughtful, patient melodic approach that's not afraid to wait for the emotional payoff, layering just-right guitar flourishes atop an impressive pocket on one captivating melody after another.

What makes it all work so well is McSweeney's vocal range that takes what is already cinematic and adds an even greater gravity to it all. That's not to say that every song on Motion and Picture is heavy, but rather there's a calculated mood that's almost always enhanced by McSweeney's vocal choices. That's true of both heavy hitters like "Parallax" or a slower burn like "Fields and Forests".

just when you think Miirrors have zeroed in on their "sound", however, is when they also mix it up and fling a few unexpected doors wide open—leaving them some interesting spaces to explore on future albums. The twisted horns on "Knockoff", their treatment of Jeff Buckley's "Gunshot Glitter", the lighter outro "Olivet"—they're all intriguing ingredients to add to the mix.

Let's just hope it's not so long until McSweeney, Rios & Co. decide to follow up this set of songs in the future.