Analogue Music | Photo Ops - "Walking Under the Trees"
Photo Ops - "Walking Under the Trees"

Photo Ops - "Walking Under the Trees"

Artist: Photo Ops · Written by Analogue


Western Vinyl

For years, Terry Price has crafted refreshing melodies that find their home in acoustic pop terrain on lovely albums like How to Say Goodbye and Vacation. While other layers and instrumentation might be added to great effect, the bottom line is that the songs themselves are enchanting structures—a testament to Price's songwriting ability.

We're pleased to offer an exclusive premiere of the newest single, "Walking Under the Trees," from Photo Ops, taken from Price's forthcoming full-length, Pure at Heart. While an ethereal haze is placed atop the song, it's plain to hear and appreciate the ease of the track at its purest form. The sonic flourishes add just enough interest without getting in the way of a beautiful summer song.

Here's what Price had to say about the song's formation:

“Walking Under The Trees" might be my favorite song I've ever written. I wrote it very quickly and it seems to be more from my subconscious than normal. It encapsulates the strange energy and isolation of admiring the newness of the west coast scenery and the isolation of living in a new place, that I wanted the whole record to have. Being isolated in Santa Monica, I took a lot of walks. This song is about taking comfort in solitude. Friends come in and out of life. Gravity and decay. What goes up, must come down. Relationships decay without nourishment. It’s not hard to look around and see the effects of decay, inertia. Appreciating the love and support that I still had to be grateful for. With a lot of these songs, I wanted to capture how beautiful the geography and plant & tree life is out west.

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