Analogue Music | Sarah Dooley, "When You're Gone"
Sarah Dooley, "When You're Gone"

Sarah Dooley, "When You're Gone"

Artist: Sarah Dooley · Written by Matt Conner

Date Released

7 October, 2020



Sarah Dooley is leaning in two directions these days as a NYC-based comedian and an impressive pop songstress. For our purposes, we're focused on the latter, but the truth-telling ability of the former makes it way onto the infectious songs on her latest album, Is This Heartbreak?

Her latest single, "When You're Gone," premiering here at Analogue, is about finding strength on the other side of brokenness. That might sound mopey, but the new single is anything but, with a bubbly synth canvas and Dooley's splendid vocal work that would work well over the credits of a great '80s film.

"I wrote this song for myself as an anthem to get through a horrible break-up a few years ago," writes Dooley about the song's origin. "I didn’t realize that I would need it now, as I release it years later amidst my current heartbreak.

"It’s my version of Robyn’s "Dancing On My Own"—a song to blast as you leave your ex’s house for the last time, or when you get the urge to text them. It’s about feeling like your world has crumbled, but it’s the perfect soundtrack for picking the pieces back up again, and friggin’ dancing while you do. This song will make you wish you’d been dumped! Just kidding. (Maybe?)"

The short film for the song is above and you can hear the full track below.

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