Analogue Music | Squirrel Flower - "I'll Go Running"
Squirrel Flower - "I'll Go Running"

Squirrel Flower - "I'll Go Running"

Artist: Squirrel Flower · Written by Analogue

Date Released

29 April, 2021



It's all a lesson in bleeding.

Squirrel Flower's (Ella Williams) expressions have thus far featured plenty of surrounding white space, an ideal atmosphere within which listeners can consider well her lyrical confessions while soaking in her spacious indie rock compositions. Her debut, I Was Born Swimming, slowly unfolded into a captivating (and sometimes heavy-hearted) set of personal songs that made us anxious to see where she might go next.

Fortunately, a new LP is on the way, a sophomore effort on Polyvinyl due June 25 entitled Planet (i), and with early singles like "I'll Go Running," it's clear she's further leaned into these inhabitable indie rock tracks. It's here that Williams opens up about her artistic process, one in which connection with the listener is possible because she will "tell you everything" and "give away every part." She explains:

"’I’ll Go Running’ is about the darker side of being an artist - the pressure to make things brand new, shocking, to give everything away and open yourself completely without always getting intentional listening and consumption in return. To be vulnerable to a knife. To be fresh, new, to give it all away. But it's powerful to offer yourself and your art without fear, which is what I try to do with this album. That's why this is the opening track."

Given that she's on tour with Soccer Mommy later this year, we're expecting plenty more company to join us inside these beautifully crafted songs that open up with enough room for us all.

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