Analogue Music | Still Corners - "Secret World"
Still Corners - "Secret World"

Still Corners - "Secret World"

Artist: Still Corners · Written by Analogue

Date Released

5 December, 2023


Wrecking Light Records

"Secret world / I wanna be in your world / I'm a voyager / And I wanna be in your world." The opening line of Still Corners' newest single, "Secret World", might as well be the musical treatise upon which the duo of Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes have stood since making their full-length debut in 2011 with Creatures of the Hour.

The music of Still Corners has always occupied a secret world of its own making, a dreamy, ethereal plane upon which all corners of pop music are appreciated, digested, and then referenced through their own spiritual filters. From psych flourishes to organic flirtations, Still Corners have explored and expanded on each subsequent album, and it's likely a safe bet that Dream Talk, the band's upcoming sixth LP will feature further growth and exhibited interests.

As for the new single, Murray writes, “Sometimes the thought of someone, wanting to know them, get into their world is dangerous. The real person doesn’t matter anymore, just the fantasy of them, which is totally wrong but feels right."

Any new music from Still Corners feels right to us. Check out the new track as today's recommendation.