Analogue Music | Tancred - "Jars"


Artist: Tancred · Written by Analogue

If you had any questions about Jess Abbott's ability to conjure something captivating these days, it only takes the two-plus minutes of Tancred's new single "Jars" to settle completely into the sonic wintry world she builds with a simple melodic arrangement. Beautiful and haunting, "Jars" slowly finds its way toward a building headwind that takes over the sparse acoustic/piano base and drives the whole thing home.

About the song, Abbott writes, "I wrote about the transition from being young and alone to being with someone who changes your life and kind of wakes you up from where you’ve been."

Together with her other new single "Mirepoix", which featured Jenny Owens Young, it's great to see Tancred back with her first new compositions since 2018's Nightstand. And in case you missed it, you can hear Abbott talk about the songwriting space she's in lately in our recent feature interview.

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