Analogue Music | Tearjerker - "Deep End"
Tearjerker - "Deep End"

Tearjerker - "Deep End"

Artist: Tearjerker · Written by Matt Conner

Date Released

16 March, 2021

We've been fans of Tearjerker's cloudy, cinematic style for quite some time, so we're excited to offer up the video debut for the band's new single, "Deep End". Serving as the title track for the Canadian trio's new set of songs, the work feels right at home in the band's catalog to date—whether you want to call it dream pop, chillwave, shoegaze or some other wonderfully hazy label.

Working with the band once again is Gökçe Erdem, who directs this video for "Deep End" with nostalgic family footage.

"The vernacular of family footage is rooted in comfort -- I was immediately drawn to this particular family's road trip, I liked that they documented their multiple stops and visits along the way. Similar to my earlier collaboration with Tearjerker, I tried to create a loose narrative following the themes and the emotions that the track stirred for me. While I don't want to influence the viewer's experience, for me, the video is about reminiscing about a person from one’s past, going through shared memories and reflecting on one’s journey."

As for the song itself, "Deep End," like most of Tearjerker's work, lives and lingers with such beauty and ease, demanding nothing but providing everything—or at least as much as the listener wants to take. The band describes the track:

"Deep End" was birthed as an improvised riff at a crowded (pre-COVID) housewarming party in 2019. It’s the sort of creative moment that’s usually lost to time and hazy memories. But after discovering a friend’s Instagram story that captured the riff, we were able to use it as a foundation to build a classic Tearjerker song that feels like it should be rolling over the end credits of a movie.

You can pre-order the band's new EP here.