Analogue Music | The FMs - "Song X"
The FMs - "Song X"

The FMs - "Song X"

Artist: The FMs · Written by Analogue

Date Released

30 April, 2021



Four years after the release of their debut, Machinacene Epoch, The FMs are back with the striking, subversive modern/synth rock of "Song X." part of a double-single release (along with "Bad Girl") on April 30. Both songs were recorded at Greenpoint’s ADIM Studios with Grammy-winning engineer Brian Forbes and John Siket (Sonic Youth, Blonde Redhead).

"For us "Song X" was the message we wish we heard from our musical heroes when we were coming of age. Put simply, we want to celebrate the idea of gender as an infinite technicolor spectrum and in the process celebrate ourselves.

"Flying out to LA to work with Matt Mahurin for the video was a surrealistic fantasy as he is one of our favorite video artists of all time. Many of his videos are really epic, beautiful, art-filled complicated pieces, but we kept the video for "Song X" relatively minimal to let the message of the song speak for itself.

"We had the opportunity to go hiking and wardrobe shopping with Matt in Topanga Canyon and it was so powerful and affirming to have a deep conversation around gender norms in our society and express that vision together. We hope viewers of the video are similarly inspired."

Check out the new video above for "Song X" and see more about the FMs below.