Analogue Music | The Lives of Famous Men - "You and Me in the PRC"
The Lives of Famous Men - "You and Me in the PRC"

The Lives of Famous Men - "You and Me in the PRC"

Artist: The Lives of Famous Men · Written by Analogue

Date Released

9 November, 2023

Recent years have brought The Lives of Famous Men back into view after a fairly long hiatus running from 2010 to 2020, at least in the band's catalog. Their early indie rock background has given way to a broader sonic palette on current releases, including the band's forthcoming Greener Pasture Blues.

Today we're excited to premiere the band's new single "You and Me in the PRC", a punk-sized power-pop number that never sways from its sing-along core despite containing darker lyrical threads within—ponderings on displacement and the universal longing to be somewhere else, anywhere else, at times.

Lead singer Daniel Hall recently told us about the new single:

"This album is about a lot of things, but if there’s one idea present throughout, it’s that external change isn’t a shortcut to internal change, and there are parts of yourself that you can’t outrun. "You and Me in the PRC" is a kind of tongue-in-cheek expression of this idea: frustrated with delays on the New York City subway, the narrator daydreams of life in the People’s Republic of China where, hazardous air pollution aside, the trains at least tend to run on time. It’s a bit of dark comedy, sure, but it’s a playful song nonetheless. There’s even a musical easter egg in the bridge — the marimba melody was inspired by the MTA door chimes. Otherwise, it’s one of our more straightforward guitar tunes, which made it a lot of fun to track."

You can pre-order Greener Pasture Blues from The Lives of Famous Men here.

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