Analogue Music | The Lone Bellow - "Gold"
The Lone Bellow - "Gold"

The Lone Bellow - "Gold"

Artist: The Lone Bellow · Written by Analogue

Date Released

22 July, 2022



For years, The Lone Bellow has treated fans to a steady stream of exhilarating releases—albums marked by beautiful harmonies, organic instrumentation, exquisite songcraft, and loads of emotion. It's why we're such big fans of anything and everything they've put out, but their latest single has us also intrigued by some potential new directions to come.

"Gold" is the band's new standalone single. Given that Half Moon Light came out two years ago, it doesn't necessarily signal a lot more music on the way. It's also a familiar song the band has played before in concert settings. However, the proper release of "Gold" possesses a lot more muscle in terms of production than anything they've done before. It's propulsive and fleshed out, an almost rock and roll turn for a band that's kept things restrained until now.

“We don’t ever try to write songs with an agenda, so with ‘Gold’ the idea was to tell the story from the perspective of someone in a hard situation—in this case, a guy who’s stuck in the downward spiral of addiction,” says Brian Elmquist. “We’ve sung ‘Gold’ as a folk song in the past, but for the recording we wanted to really experiment and push our sound as far as it could go.”

If you've ever wondered what a Lone Bellow collaboration with Adam Granduciel might sound like, "Gold" is your answer.