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The Wallflowers - "Maybe Your Heart's Not In It No More"

The Wallflowers - "Maybe Your Heart's Not In It No More"

Artist: The Wallflowers · Written by Matt Conner

Date Released

19 May, 2021


New West Records

We're approximately six weeks away from the return of one of our favorite bands, The Wallflowers, and the early returns on Exit Wounds prove that Jakob Dylan and company haven't missed a beat. Despite staying relatively quiet over the last decade, without an official Wallflowers release since 2012, Exit Wounds' first singles prove the band's barroom rock remains as relevant as ever.

Shelby Lynne steps in to help provide some harmonies on the band's new single, "Maybe Your Heart's Not In It No More," which gives some strong vocal flourishes to a song that's otherwise relaxed and restrained in its approach. The mid-tempo arrangement is the sort of song you'd hear emanating from a downtown Nashville dive, a meaningful rumination on what it means to see your mind and heart change about the pieces on the board.

Dylan's described the new single as “a conversation you could find yourself having with your muse — one where you’re asking if they’ve changed their mind or have you changed yours. Are you still in sync or have you lost touch? You’ll be needing one another — so checking on each other’s condition now and then is a good idea."

Check out the new video above and you can pre-order Exit Wounds here.