Analogue Music | Tuelo - "Trouble"
Tuelo - "Trouble"

Tuelo - "Trouble"

Artist: Tuelo · Written by Analogue



Tuelo's debut album, The Life of Margaret Cornelius, will be out at week's end, on February 11. The alter ego utilized in its title allows Tuelo to unpack and express a mystical series of experiences and emotions—and the entire moving package is four years in the making.

We have the premiere of Tuelo's single "Trouble," a stirring plea with a real spiritual power as Tuelo's incredible vocal gives chase to the titular subject atop layered riffs and BGVs. It's music that makes its demands in multiple ways, which is what lends it such force.

In Tuelo's own words about the track:

"The song tells of trouble and an end to trouble, an attempt to stop trouble in its tracks. I wrote it feeling troubled. At that point I was ready to stop music completely - to leave many things I had built behind - and feeling sad yet resolute that there had to be a better way. I had to talk to trouble directly, to confront what I saw/could see coming and what I left behind. I’d left New York and was in Istanbul when that song grew in my heart and I remembered a conversation I'd had with a tribesman at a random dinner party in New York City, a conversation I'd also had with my family before:

"The Batswana/San left war with other tribes thousands of years ago and settled in the desert to avoid war. There we found diamond and gold and all sorts of precious stones and metals, in addition to the natural beauty and animals (totems) which protected our lineage for generations. Leaving trouble, more importantly, brought us peace. The story is to say leave trouble, avoid war, find your desert and you might find precious things.”

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