Analogue Music | Wild Arrows - "Got to Know"
Wild Arrows - "Got to Know"

Wild Arrows - "Got to Know"

Artist: Wild Arrows

Date Released

12 October, 2023

It arrived somewhere between a friend's house and the subway.

Mike Law was on his way home when he says the chorus came first, a gift of an idea that would require approximately a half hour to form into the immediate earworm, "Get To Know." For the central figure in Wild Arrows, the exciting new melody was right in line with other compositions that were a departure from the exigent brilliance of Loving the Void.

With a new EP, Rejection Bloom, on the way, we've got a premiere of Wild Arrows' new single—"Got to Know"—here along with a quick back and forth with Law about the new songs in the catalog.

In the past, you’ve steered clear of what you’ve called obvious in music. Yet here’s a more pop-oriented project. What made you avoid such moves in the past?

I really, really, really, do not like the Spotify-cation of music. It's fragmented to the point that you never have to hear a song you don't initially like more than once. But that means that you will absolutely miss songs that would change your life because you didn't get it the first time. That's not for me so if I resisted anything it was chasing that. It is awful. Spotify will not be fondly remembered.

I always just craved making something sound like how I felt and put almost no thought into how other people would hear it. After the last record [Loving the Void], some friends remarked how much attention it demanded when they were trying to listen to it. I think Loving the Void is by far my best record but they were right that one has to engage with it which I guess is a big ask now.

But I usually react to what I did last and do something different. With Rejection Bloom I craved making something fun, so I did.

What’s the balance for you here when it comes to accessibility? And do you think this is just about this specific release or something ongoing?

I don't consider it at all. I'm not trying to sell anything. I have a few more songs like this that we'll release next year that I'm excited about but for a while now I've heard something more vast and expansive brewing in the back of my brain for a future Wild Arrows record. It's going to be the culmination of my work from my first band EULCID to now. I want to combine the intensity of EULCID with some of the aspects that Wild Arrows honed on Loving the Void which had a lot to do with working with Grady Walker, Nick Krill, and Gary Atturio on that one.

Can you take us to the origins of “Got to Know?”

I had just hung out with my friend Andrew Martini who plays in the hardcore band Limp Wrist. He must have got my mind going because when I started walking to the subway the chorus jumped into my head. It took about 30 minutes to get home and it was done by then. I changed the key but aside from that it's just about exactly what it was when I wrote it in my head. The theme of waiting has come up a lot in my records. Sometimes you just can't wait and "Got To Know" covers that feeling.

Was this an obvious single all along?

Not really. It was hard to choose between this and the songs "This is What It Feels Like" and "Me and You" because they all feel like singles. I'd say "The Last Day of Summer" was the most obvious one. I like how the songs on the EP all sound when you listen in a row.

You can pre-order the new EP, Rejection Bloom, from Wild Arrows here.