Analogue Music | Worriers - "Trust Your Gut"
Worriers - "Trust Your Gut"

Worriers - "Trust Your Gut"

Artist: Worriers · Written by Analogue

Date Released

26 June, 2023


Ernest Jenning Record Co

We're not just "yessin' Lauren Denitzio to death" on this. We love this new Worriers track!

"Trust Your Gut" is the title track from the band's forthcoming mid-September release (Ernest Jenning Record Co.), and it's got us hungry to hear the whole thing. Denitzio is a master at marrying propulsive melodies with personal experiences and that's why this playful number works so well at connecting the way it does.

Denitzio is the musical and emotional centerpiece for Worriers, an L.A.-based band that also includes Atom Willard (Against Me!, Social Distortion), Franz Nicolay (The Hold Steady), Frank Piegaro, and Cayetana’s Allegra Anka. About the new song, Denitzio writes:

This is some of the most fun I've ever had writing and recording a song, so I wanted the video to come from an equally fun and joyous place. The song is meant to celebrate learning to trust your intuition and advocate for yourself and your own time, even in the face of being told that everything is fine. I thought it would be a good match for the video to be an interpretation of Empire Records where we're saving a queer bar instead of a record store - just a fun way to claim space and community and see yourself in something when outside forces are working against you. Queer interpretations are some of my favorite things to talk about, and I'll never turn down a chance to incorporate queer joy into our work!

Check out the lyrics below:

How am I supposed to trust my gut
when you make me feel out of my mind?
I'm just thinkin' ten steps ahead.
I've just been waiting for my life a long time.

If they keep telling you that it'll be fine,
think it's too good to be true
well it probably is.
Lately I've been feelin' just a little off.
If not you then baby, who can I trust?
If you're not just yessin' me to death,
then prove me wrong.

If you wanted to be here you wouldn't say it like you're already gone.
Think what I see in the mirror isn't what you're seein' at all.
If the feeling's just in my head cause I'm spinning, too.
This can't be worth it. I'm at my best without you.

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